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Aura of Eden concept

Aura of Eden is a collaborative project born out of a combined passion for the healing power of nutritional food, as well as a holistic approach to health. Hence the phrase, functional foods, meaning foods that tap into the body’s potential to self-heal.

We serve an almost entirely vegetarian menu. Each meal is not only delicious but also full of wholesome, essential nutrients for the body.

The inviting atmosphere and collection of original flavours and recipes makes for an unforgettable experience. In short, Aura of Eden is the perfect spot for everything from a relaxed business meeting to a sit-down meal.

Our story by founder and Chef Kirsty Meyer

With the belief and understanding that most illness is related to some or other nutrient deficiency or imbalance in the diet, our food aims to target individuals with specific nutritional needs, and those who just want to maintain a well-rounded diet.

We believe one’s quality of life can be drastically improved if we turn our focus to the fuel we are feeding our bodies, and essentially every cell and its’ functioning. Be it thyroid and hormone related, cancer, heart or cholesterol problems, functional foods can be used to assist in fighting these diseases.

Whether you’re just curious about the concept, or you want to indulge in guilt-free meals, we encourage you to try our delicious functional foods. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

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How beautiful that we have this ability to function harmoniously with nature and have a hand in how optimally our earthly vessels function.

Aura of Eden is run by Kirsty Meyer, an experienced vegan chef who has a passion for serving up wholesome, nutritious food. With a background in heading up vegan restaurants, Kirsty has incorporated all her previous learnings into our delicious menu.

Before she discovered her passion for functional foods, she was originally on a path to become a psychologist. But after some spiritual realization she knew it was not the course for her. She wanted to have some impact on the movements of natural healing. Most specifically, functional foods – aiding the body to heal itself using nutritious food – was what caught her attention.

Kirsty was inspired by her Dad, someone very close to her heart, a kidney transplant patient who was prescribed a very strict eating regime. This has helped to support her passion and interest in what role the food we eat plays in our overall health.

Another factor for Kirst, has been growing up in a society where chronic illness is at an all-time high. She has seen friends and loved ones suffer from an array of diseases that she believes could have been prevented.

Given all this knowledge Kirst aims to reach out and help impact everyone who comes to her functional foods cafe.

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